Trail Rides
A Family Owned Facility
Boarding, Lessons, and Training
Nicole Huttar


  • 1-2 hour guided trail rides are offered with safe dependable mounts
  • Groups of no more than 4 are taken out at any one time

  • Reservations and a deposit are needed to secure your trail ride time and

  • No children under 10 are allowed to ride out on the Guided Trails
  • We do have other options for Children under 10 to ride in a safe controlled environment
    so they can learn and enjoy their first experiences on horse back.

  • No doubling on mounts (one person per horse)

  • All children and young adults under the age of 18 are REQUIRED to wear
    safety helmets. (provided by facility)

  • English and Western Saddles available

  • Adults are STRONGLY encouraged to wear safety headgear (provided by

  • Correct Safe Footwear is MANDATORY. Boots are preferred but good heavy
    canvas or leather tennis shoes are acceptable. Large brogans or heavy
    steel toed boots may not fit in the stirrups.
  • Please wear long pants- jeans, leggings, khakis, etc. This is to prevent
    rubbing and pinching of your legs while riding. Slick fabrics are not
    suggested due to the fact it will slide around while you are mounted in the

Rates for Trail Rides:

  • 40.00 for 1-hour guided trail ride per person with 15-30 minutes of pre-ride
    instruction (total mounted ride time approximately 90 minutes)
  • Max of 4 people to a group

  • 65.00 for 1.5 - 2 hour guided trail ride per person 15-30 minutes of pre-ride
    instruction (total mounted ride time approximately 120 minutes)

PAYMENT OPTIONS- Cash and Check are accepted at the farm. Prepayment with
paypal are accepted paypal payment can be made to
If you are paying in Cash at the farm please have exact change.  


Trail Riding Lessons are a way for people to learn about horses and horsemanship
without having to learn in "just" a riding ring environment. You get the added
benefits of learning all the core skill riding basics that will carry over to any
discipline of riding.


Private Trail Riding Instruction
  • 60.00 for 1- 2 hour  trail riding instruction  (total mounted ride time
    approximately 60 minutes)

Group Trail Riding Instruction

  • 40.00 for 1- 2 hour  trail riding instruction  (total mounted ride time
    approximately 60 minutes)  no more than 4 in a group

Each person will be taught how to groom and care for their mount before and after
the lesson. We teach adults as well as children from Beginning to Intermediate
riders. We stress personal goals when learning to ride and want everyone to have
a good time.

What to expect during your first lesson

When you arrive

  •      You will be introduced to your mount

  •      Shown how to halter and lead your mount

  •      Safely put him/her in the cross ties

  •     Correct grooming and cleaning of feet

  •     Learn how to correctly saddle and bridle your mount

  •     How to correctly mount your horse

  •     Fundamentals of steering and controlling your mount

  •     How to correctly balance and position your body in the saddle on uneven

Please allow for at least 1 ½- 2 hours for the first few lessons. In the beginning it
takes time to learn these skills. Actual riding time will be 45-60 minutes  As you
become more efficient and quick at grooming and tacking, you will have more time
to ride during the lesson.  I have found that some students enjoy grooming and
being around horses as much as the actual ride so you are welcome to brush your
mount to your heart's content after the lesson.

                         ******* PLEASE NOTE  ********

If you are starting lessons at Jumping H Farm with previous riding experience.
Your current lesson  will be based on your previous experience.
Jumping H Farm
Guided Trail Rides and Trail Riding Lessons.