A Family Owned Facility
Boarding, Lessons, and Training
Nicole Huttar

  • 35.00 for 1-hour group lesson (no more than 3 in group at same riding level)

  • 50.00 for 1-hour private lesson

  • 40.00 for 1/2 hour private lesson

Lessons may be purchased "pay as you go", on a lesson by lesson basis or you
may purchase a block of 4 lessons at a time and get the 5th lesson free.

Each person will be taught how to groom and care for their mount before and after
the lesson. We teach adults as well as children from Beginning to Intermediate
riders. Students are encouraged to show when they are ready but it is not a
requirement. Competitions are a team effort at Jumping H Farm. It is a way for
students to get together and compete to enjoy what they have learned. We stress
personal goals in the show ring and want everyone to have a good time.

What to expect during your first lesson

When you arrive

  •      You will be introduced to your mount

  •      Shown how to halter and lead your mount

  •      Safely put him/her in the cross ties

  •     Correct grooming and cleaning of feet

  •     Learn how to correctly saddle and bridle your mount

Please allow for at least 1 ½ hours for the first few lessons. In the beginning it
takes time to learn these skills. Actual riding time will be 45 minutes (sometimes
longer) up to an hour.  As you become more efficient and quick at grooming and
tacking, you will have more time to ride during the lesson.  I have found that some
students enjoy grooming and being around horses as much as the actual ride so
you are welcome to brush your mount to your heart's content after the lesson.

                            ******* PLEASE NOTE  ********

If you are starting lessons at Jumping H Farm with previous riding experience.
Your current lesson  will be based on your previous experience.